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Why have AR/VR in your school?


Deeper Cognitive Comprehension

It has been widely accepted that animations and video help students understand and comprehend material on a much deeper level. Students don’t just memorize what a word means, they truly internalize it.

Enhanced Engagement

Education is about more than just teaching children; it’s also about inspiring and exciting them learn more about their world. AR and VR technology dramatically boost student engagement in a way that traditional text and lectures never could.

Immersive education tools turn learning from a passive experience to an active one.

Contextualized Learning

Every teacher at some point has tried to explain intangible concepts. AR and VR technology lets students experience them instead. It might be hard to learn what “dry” or “wet” means, but it’s a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by rain and hear goofy characters splashing about!


A disruptED Classroom


disruptED materials are perfect as stations in a classroom. Students can rotate between AR, VR, and physical activity sheets. Many teachers also find our books and activities to be a great resource for small group and pull out tutoring. We include a handy Teacher Guide for all our educators so everyone has an idea of how to implement our wonderful world in your wonderful classroom!

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