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We are thrilled to present our first product, the Starter Kit, which brings core-aligned educational stories to life on our AR/VR learning platform. Included in each kit:

  • Digital app download for your device

  • Gamified activities within the app

  • 3 books by artist Ed Heck

  • 3 Activity Books that reinforce the materials in each Ed Heck book

  • A whimsical VR headset

All of this and some extra goodies are packaged in a fun and convenient kit that is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face!


Learn About the Books!

disruptED has reimagined traditional children’s books with interactive games and adventures to engage and excite even the youngest of readers. Our kit comes with three books from artist/author Ed Heck.


Giggle your way through the ABCs with a hungry goat who eats items starting with every letter in the alphabet. Will he leave any letter un-nibbled?

With a single touch on your mobile device's screen, letters become fun and interactive AR experiences. The letters literally jump up off the page to become 3D characters!


Make learning shapes magical for a child with this wonderfully illustrated book by Ed Heck.

Augmented and Virtual reality are great ways to not only introduce shapes but also to teach children that the world around them is made out of shapes. With the help of Shape Up Pup, children can start to see how shapes can be combined to create everyday items.


Big/Small, Above/Below, Hairy/Smooth? This monstrous collection has traditional opposites, but some silly ones, too!  

Opposites are one of the first and most basic concepts that young children learn. Not only do opposites help kids understand that not everything is the same, they also help children make sense of the differences in the world around them. 

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